Beard is designed to be highly useful for web applications. To this end, we've added a hard reset in place of other options like Normalize.css. We feel this provides the best method of "setting an even playing field" for building out front-end components.

Of course, you don't have to use this reset, and can instead opt to use your own. If you'd like to disable Beard's reset, simply set the flag before you import Beard.

// Set this before you import Beard
$beard-reset: false;

Base Styles

Beard comes with a few opinionated defaults for things such as the html and body elements, headings, and other basic elements. These are written as smart defaults that most people would want to have out of the box. It also sets images to be responsive by default. However, if the provided defaults don't serve your needs, you can redefine the styles in your own Sass.